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Residents of northeastern Texas are picking up the pieces after a weekend filled with severe weather, flooding rain and multiple tornadoes.

Saturday night brought the worst of the severe weather when multiple tornadoes touched down around Dallas, leading to at least 11 fatalities, dozens of injuries and extensive travel delays, according to the Associated Press.

One of the severe storms that spawned a tornado tracked right over downtown Dallas, but the tornado lifted before the storm moved over the city sparing the downtown area of a major disaster.

Other communities were not as fortunate as Dallas. Garland, Texas, a town located just northeast of Dallas, was hit by the strongest tornado of the weekend just after sunset on Saturday evening.

Several homes were completely destroyed by the tornado, leaving some people trapped and injured in their homes until fire and rescue crews were able to arrive at the scene.

This same tornado also tracked over interstate 30 and caused a multiple-car pileup and blocking traffic on the interstate for several hours.

The National Weather Service determined that this twister was an EF4, the second strongest classification of tornadoes with winds stronger than 200 mph.

Rowlett, Texas, was another town that was hit hard by Saturday night’s tornadoes. An EF3 tornado damaged at least 600 homes and injured at least 23 people.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, responded to the extensive damage caused by Saturday’s tornadoes, declaring a state of disaster for Dallas, Collin, Ellis and Rockwall counties.

This declaration allows all available resources of the state government to be used to cope with the disaster.

650x366_12281843_tornado  An emergency vehicle drives through a neighborhood in Rowlett, Texas, Sunday, Dec. 27, 2015, the morning after it was struck by a tornado. At least 11 people died and dozens were injured in apparently strong tornadoes that swept through the Dallas area and caused substantial damage this weekend. (AP Photo/Rex C. Curry) CXQVZ0iUMAE9uXH
By Brian Lada, Meteorologist
December 28, 2015; 2:24 PM ET

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