At Property Loss Doctors, we offer a wide range of services designed to ensure that you get the insurance settlement you deserve. Whether you need help with your insurance claim or your insurance company has denied your claim, turn to the pros at Property Loss Doctors for expert guidance with:


On any new claim, Property Loss Doctors has the expertise and resources to control the claim process on your behalf, working your case through the insurance processes and getting you the largest settlement under your covered loss. We’ll inspect your property, assess damage, take pictures, collect evidence and write up an insurance claim. For any new service of a claim, the professional adjusters at Property Loss Doctors will go through our 7-Point Process to provide you the best cash settlement possible.

  • COVERAGE: we will review your policy details to determine your complete coverage
  • INSPECTION: we will fully inspect and document the damage onsite
  • ANALYSIS: we will fully dissect all issues that impact the value of your damages
  • DATA: we gather all evidence, exhibits and data to maximize your claim’s value
  • SCOPE: we analyze coverage provisions against the scope of your loss
  • COSTS: we will seek the highest replacement costs possible to restore your loss
  • SETTLEMENT: we negotiate to garner the highest settlement your insurance provider will pay for your claim


When your insurer approves partial payment on your claim, the mitigating circumstances that led to partial payment may be corrected with the right amount of professional attention. That’s where Property Loss Doctors comes in. If your claim is less than two years old, we’ll review the insurance company’s assessment, conduct our own inspection, provide a new estimate of damage and resubmit your claim. Should it exceed the insurance company pay-out, we can write up a new claim for re-submission.


Once you go through the trouble, time and expense to carefully file a covered claim, one of the most frustrating things is to have your claim “denied.” A denied claim is the most economical solution for any insurance provider, and resolution from the insurer may look like an arbitrary decision to deny your claim, but they are usually very specific to the provisions of your policy. If the claim is less than two years old, we’ll review the reason your claim was denied, determine if there is a way to get your claim reviewed and re-approved. Property Loss Doctors will also provide you with an accurate estimate of repairs, should you go to court.


Property or asset damage. Loss of income. Relocation. All these are examples of Business Interruption, and this kind of contingency coverage entitles you to recovery of revenue and other losses during a period of business interruption. But entitlement doesn’t mean you’re going to get the maximum allowed under your policy unless you have experienced guidance. If your insurance company is “helping” you figure out your business interruption losses, STOP: it’s foreseeable that you will not get back everything you have coming to you from your insurance carrier without professional help. That’s where Property Loss Doctors comes in: we will ensure you “get healthy” again, getting every dollar coming to you under your covered loss.


Fire strikes fear in any living being. Seconds make the difference in life-and-death scenarios. Property damage or destruction can take a devastating toll on your resources as well as your emotional well-being. Speed is the key to successfully surviving a fire, as well as the aftermath of a fire, and Property Loss Doctors will be keenly focused on assessing your damage as soon as you contact them about your fire damage and loss. Depending on circumstances, you might be wise to contact us even before you call your insurer!


Lightning. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Hail. Floods. Drought. All have immediate impacts on your life – and your policies. Making sure you’re made whole for any damage caused by weather – or lack or weather – is a specialty of Property Loss Doctors. Make us your first call to ensure you get everything that you are rightfully and legally entitled for the policy you have in force!