Getting your property back to health!

When your residential, commercial or industrial property is destroyed or damaged, turn to professionals who will take care of you! We are Property Loss Doctors, committed to securing the largest settlement you can get under your insurance policy when a covered disaster strikes.

Insurance Companies are there to help, promising to take care of you in times of need. That’s what you’re paying them premiums for, isn’t it? Their “help” when you need them? But when tragedy actually strikes and a claim is filed, they are motivated to pay you the least amount possible under your policy. In fact, the Consumer Federation of America reports insurance companies have achieved billions of dollars in record profits by systematically denying and underpaying claims.

This will not happen in your case! Insurance providers need to be pointed in the right direction from time to time when it comes to their claims, and their insureds are not usually qualified to give them that direction. Partner with Property Loss Doctors and our qualified, licensed and bonded public adjusters. We will be relentless in getting your property back to health and making sure your insurance company sees things your way! We are the experts, who secure the maximum settlement for you, each and every time.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Simply put, a Public Adjuster is a licensed and bonded professional who is licensed by the state and is hired by a policyholder after they sustain a covered loss. Public Adjusters are experts in estimating damages, calculating accurate loss estimates and in working with both the insurance company and the insured when an insurance claim is filed. At Property Loss Doctors, we take the time to carefully analyze the details of your policy, inspect the site and analyze the damages. Because we are hired by claimants and do not work for the insurance companies, we are looking to maximize claimant settlements. We assist policyholders to negotiate on their behalf to maximize a fair and equitable settlement with their insurance providers. If you find yourself already down this road and are involved in claims or litigation over any kind of property damage, WE CAN HELP!